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Strange Journeys

Tropical Cyclist: strange?

‘Strange’ as a slogan, would we do that?
Many people do not like strange at all.
Or would we therefore just do it?
We are there for people who like to be surprised, stimulated and challenged by the unexpected; exactly just by the strange!

How strange are our cycling holidays in Asia, Africa and the Middle-East?

A cycling holiday over there goes through a country where we are usually the first to organize. Our destinations are on the program for three or at most four years, because then everyone who wanted to cycle through that strange country will have been with us. 'Regular guests, changing destinations' fits in more closely with us than the usual 'fixed destinations, changing customers'. A little more than half of the participants has traveled with us before, sometimes Tropical Cyclist above all resembles a network of people who explore the world. An important reason for this strong bond is that we not only find strange and adventurous important, but also safe and healthy. Accommodations, food and hygiene are always good.

We organize different types of cycling trips, some of which have a unique approach:

Tropical Cyclist: clearly defined tours in the tropics; in 2020 the focus will be on (especially) the Philippines, Taiwan and Oman.

Expedition Cyclist: through Mongolia, on the Tajikistan-Kyrgyz Pamir Highway and through Ladakh, Himalayas.

Overlanding Cyclist: long expedition-like tours supported by a fully equipped overland truck, where participation is possible both for the entire trip and for a part of it; in 2020 the 14-day tour through Zimbabwe & Zambia and the 23-day trip from Namibia to Cape Town. These two can be combined.

'Individual group travel' broadly discusses how we approach a cycling tour in daily practice. The starting point is always that our guests can fully concentrate on traveling, cycling and especially enjoying. You create your own special experience together with us.

And finally: how strange are we as organizers?

If you look at the way we were ‘born’ in 2000, it is at least special. In the early years, everything from Tropical Cyclist - even the business administration - traveled around the world on our bicycles: how else, if you don't have a permanent place of residence (see also 'Seven Nomadic Years')?

'The customer is not king with us. We are all traveling together, that is the main thing.'
Would we put that on the website?
We rather quote the answer from one of our guests: "OK, not like a king? Then we feel like treated as an emperor!"