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The individual group tour

If you have many months to travel the world, we advise everyone to cycle around unorganized. That you spend a lot of time waiting for a boat that is not coming, finding a clean hotel, washing and repairing your equipment, etc., it doesn't really matter.
If you go for a few weeks, we think it is a pity if those inconveniences distract your energy too much from what you really came for: cycling, traveling and ‘tasting’ the country. If you arrive at the destination at three o'clock in the afternoon, you want to enjoy the remaining hours of daylight by lying on the beach or visiting the village and talking to people. If in the meantime your bike and clothes are washed and repaired, as for a rider in the Tour de France, isn't that just a well-deserved reward after your physical efforts?

In addition, it has demanded us many years of cycling trips to determine the routes in our program; to conclude that these are the most attractive routes. Let others share in that experiential knowledge!

In addition to offering the facilities, traveling together also provides pleasure and inspiration. This applies all the more because of our limited number of participants, which does not exceed eighteen. Everyone experiences the bike ride in his own way, and the exchange of those experiences provides an extra dimension. For example, with a drink on the beach, at that incredibly beautiful Filipino sunset: suddenly you think you have found the answer to all questions. Or, sometimes: what were those questions anyway?

What we explicitly do not understand by group travel is continuous cycling together. Everyone has a route guide and the data for the next destination. At what time and in which composition everyone will cycle in the morning is a free choice. The support vehicle with luggage drives behind the last participant and leaves at the latest at 9 a.m. Thanks to the space for people and bicycles, this car also offers the possibility to adjust the number of bicycle kilometers to your own abilities. Those who want to rest, just get in. In the case of joint transfers, we use extra cars, but we also do that if we consider certain stages - given the cycling capacities of the group - to be heavy. Traveling together means that you never have the feeling of group obligations. They are not there while cycling, neither afterwards.

Finally, offering only the bike tour ensures maximum freedom. By booking the flight tickets yourself - whether or not assisted / advised by us, see 'flight tickets, bicycle transport and insurance' - it is easy to tie one or two weeks to the trip, which are then relatively cheap.

The heterogeneity of our guests shows that the journeys can be tailored to everyone's wishes. All ages, singles and couples, as many women as men: it is precisely this variation that creates energetic group compositions.

One of our reasons for emigrating, becoming 'nomad cyclists', was a search for more freedom. This is also reflected in our travel concept.