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The tone of General Terms and Conditions is mostly not very hospitable and customer-friendly. In order to prevent potential conflicts and damage, often is opted for distant, legal language. Perhaps it is because we have never had a conflict with (potential) customers since the start in January 2000, perhaps it is because only clear, unambiguous communication based on trust fits Tropical Cyclist: in any case we attempt to present our 'house rules' in a concise, legible way.


  • The most important travel information is on our website Our guests receive the more specific practical information some time before the start of the trip.
  • In the travel information, the day of welcome is day 1, the day of farewell is the final travel day. This is regardless of the hour of welcome or goodbye on those days.


  • The invoice is also the booking confirmation. We gladly receive the deposit of 25% of the travel sum within 2 weeks after sending the invoice. If the deposit has not been received by us after 2 weeks, we can no longer keep the place(s) in the trip reserved.
  • We are happy to receive the remaining 75% at least 4 weeks before the start of the cycling tour.


  • The adventurous nature of our trips requires good travel insurance. Nothing has ever been lost during luggage transport while cycling, since we work with trusted drivers. Nevertheless, good insurance against theft is strongly recommended, because the ultimate responsibility for luggage remains with the guest.
  • We also recommend taking a cancellation insurance.


  • Canceling the trip can only be done in writing. The date of the postmark counts as the cancellation date.
  • If someone is unable to participate, he can transfer his participation to someone else. For sure, under the same travel conditions as he would have participated himself.
  • With a completely negative travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (= red) in the last 4 weeks before the start of the tour, Tropical Cyclist cancels the trip itself. We will then refund the payments made. In the event of an unexpected negative travel advice during the cycling tour, we will stop the journey and return the travel sum in proportion to the number of travel days that have been skipped.
  • Tropical Cyclist can only cancel a trip for extremely important reasons, whereby we cannot reasonably be held to the travel agreement. In this case, the guest will be offered another trip of at least the same price, or we will return the travel sum.
  • All journeys have specific minimum numbers of participants. If that minimum is not achieved, the journey will not be. We keep candidate participants constantly and meticulously informed about whether or not we have reached the minimum. At least 2 months before the start, we will make the decision of whether or not to realize the tour.
  • Cancelling himself, a prospective guest owes us:
    1. up to 28 days before the day of departure: the deposit of 25% of the travel sum
    2. from day 28 to 14 days before the day of departure: 50% of the travel sum
    3. from day 14 to the day of departure: 75% of the travel sum
    4. on the day of departure: 100% of the travel sum.


  • Our trips are thoroughly prepared. However, as they go through strange areas, part of the journey will always be unpredictable. Guests can address us on our ability to improvise in such situations, but not on the unexpected situations themselves.
  • We take the responsibility for the well-being and travel pleasure of our guests very seriously. However, where the fault cannot reasonably be attributed to us, we are not liable for damage suffered. This not only concerns cases where shortcomings can be attributed to the guest, but also situations in which people who support us in the tour (for example hotel staff) make mistakes.
  • Our rental bikes are always thoroughly checked before the start of a tour. This does not mean that nothing can ever go wrong, no bike manufacturer can give that guarantee. That is why we cannot be held liable for the consequences of any material breakdown.
  • The repair (costs) due to wear-out are for us; material costs as a result of a crash or careless use of the bicycle are at the expense of the renter.
  • The rental bicycles are equipped with a spare tire, a repair kit, a pump, a lock, an odometer and a drinking bottle. We assume that the bicycle will be returned at the end of the journey in the same good condition as when we delivered it.
  • We have hardly ever lost anything in our laundry service. Nevertheless, we assume no liability for the disappearance or damage of clothing, neither in the future.
  • The own bicycle, clothing, luggage, everything is exposed to less polished conditions during an adventurous journey than is the case at home. In recent years, the material damage has been negligible for our guests, partly due to our care. But also here: we cannot be held liable.
  • In general, we cannot be held liable for the damage covered by a travel, accident or cancellation insurance. Our liability for missing travel pleasure and for the damage that our guest suffers in the exercise of his profession or business, amounts to a maximum of once the travel sum; if the fault lies with us.
  • Where help and assistance are needed to get our guests up to the level of their expectations, we naturally give them as much as possible. If the cause of staying below expectations lies with him, the costs of help and assistance are for the guest.
  • Should someone ever misbehave to the extent that a good continuation of the journey seems impossible for him and for the group, then this participant can be excluded from further participation. He is then not entitled to a refund of travel expenses.


  • Tropical Cyclist has never received a substantial complaint. We are convinced that we can resolve possible complaints in the future in reasonable consultation. If that does not turn out to be the case, the disappointed guest can of course go to a competent Dutch court.
  • Above all, we assume that Tropical Cyclist and the guests together make the trip a success. In other words: if something is not as expected, please report it quickly, so that we can solve the problem.

Pascal Kolkhuis Tanke

Breukelen, November 2004 (last update 11 September 2018)